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  1. OK, now I'm not sure what it is. When I searched for motor mounts online, the pictures I saw don't look like what I thought was the front motor mount. I looking at a thing bolted to the front top of the engine that has bushings. Is that the engine torque strut mount? And if the bushings are worn, can that cause the engine to lift on acceleration? Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I did the brake/rev test and the engine definitely rose up. And the front motor bushing looks pretty bad. It looks pretty easy to replace but I've never done one. Anybody have any step by step how-to's on replacing it?
  3. Thanks. I've been noticing a thud, as if the transmission has momentarily slipped, when quickly accelerating from a stop. I think it's a motor mount so I'll try your test. Can you tell me anything about how to change the mounts?
  4. Is there an easy way to determine if motor mounts are bad? Can someone please describe how these can be changed, or point me to a good thread? Thanks.
  5. sumdumgai

    ICM test

    Is there a way to determine of the ICM on a 92 Seville is okay? Not getting a spark and am trying to isolate the problem. Thanks.
  6. sumdumgai

    Turn signals

  7. sumdumgai

    Turn signals

    '92 Seville. Both front and rear turn signal lights work but the flashing is too rapid as if one of the bulbs is out. Both left and right sides are same. What am I missing? Thanks.
  8. Can someone please tell me if the automatic parking brake release on a '92 Seville is vacuum or electric (i.e., with fuse)? Thanks. Mine won't release when I out it in gear and I have to manually release it.
  9. sumdumgai

    '92 Seville emergency brake

    I put it in gear but could not pull it back. Had to use the manual release button under the dash. It's happened last two times I used the brake.
  10. sumdumgai

    Jack off

    No sh_t! I'm surprised I at least had the sense to retract the jack to get it off the ground before I pulled away.
  11. sumdumgai

    Jack off

    Yes, the jack looked like it had never be used. I saw the groove afterwards. I was in my business clothes and doing a four point push-up position to see where the jack was supposed to go. It just looked like the square opening on the bottom of the frame was the place to put the jack. $69 at dealer to replace it. Anybody know what other years and models have compatible jacks? Maybe I can find one at a salvage yard.
  12. Anybody have any ideas on why the emergency brake won't release automatically as it should when I put the 'ville in gear? Thanks.
  13. sumdumgai

    Jack off

    I don't know who is more stupid, me or the jackoff GM engineer who designed the jacking procedure on the '92 Seville. Never changed a tire before on the car. Never even looked at the jack and spare in the trunk. Well, I picked up a nail in the right front tire on way home yesterday so I called for roadside assistance. They estimated 2 hours to arrive. Decided to change the darn thing myself. Got the jack out of the trunk, looked under the car, and saw the slot/hole in the frame where I thought the jack was supposed to be placed. Wrong? The jack jammed itself into the hole and I coundn't get the jack off the frame once I changed the tire. Drove the car with the hanging jack to the garage where they proceeded to break it in the process of removing it. Real stupid design! Or is it me?
  14. sumdumgai

    Disable "Service Ride Control" Message

    Finallly got around to trying to disable this SRC message. I have a '92 Seville STD (not STS). I used the procedure found on the CaddyInfo 'How To' section at under 'Suspension'/"How can I disable". Worked like a charm. When I first entered diagnostic mode by pushing OFF and Warmer together, the instrument LED lights flashed once, then some history codes were displayed once, then ECM? Bypassed this with 'Lo' fan button. Next was IPC? Hit the 'Hi' fan button and followed the procedure precisely from there. No more message. Now I need to figure out how to determine what the actual error code (problem) is. Think there some wire jumping involved but I don't have the manual to show me pin locations, etc. Thanks to Bruce for posting the procedures.
  15. sumdumgai

    Error codes - 1992 Seville (not STS)

    Thanks for helping. I've been to the page, but I'm unclear as to which procedure applies to a 1992 STD Seville (not STS). One paragraph leads with "1991 Eldorado and Seville", and the next paragraph leads with "1993 Eldorado and Seville" (which also references a 1992 Seville Manual). The reason I'm concerned is that at another place on this board (, Logan says (I think) that STS and STD are different and that CCR cannot be disabled via the panel. I'm hoping it's the first paragraph because I don't particularly want to cut/attach wires. Which paragraph is it, please? And thanks, again.