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Suspension (CCR) Problem

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93 seville 4.9, i was originally going to put on eibachs and keep the stock electronic suspension, but now it is throwing the I039 code.

3 questions,

1. where do I start tracking this one down, since it has thrown the code there has been a serious degredation in handling, especially above 45~50 MPH

2. Can this car be lowered with the eibachs at all 4 corners....it seems rumored that the springs will only work up front on a 4.9 car...am I missing something or is the biggest difference between a N* and a 4.9 in the front?

3. If the shocks need to be replaced, where can I find stock units...I really would rather pay more to stay electronic then to go passive (I like how plush it stays below 20mph, and seeing as at least 3 times a week it goes down a 5 mile washboard dirt road this is very important to me)



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I also have the "Service Ride Control" message with the I039 code on my '95 Deville. Maybe Bbobynski can give us some ideas as to where to start checking first ???

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