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Are DENSO products any good?

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From experience, what AFTERMARKET parts ARE quality?

I found some DENSO O2 Sensors, cheaper than the ACDelcos. While we're at it, what are some quality aftermarket:

- Spark Plugs

- Spark Plug Wires

- O2 Sensors


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I have a set of Denso plugs on my Nissan truck. NGKs were stock on it. The Densos seem to run okay, although I deliberately changed the heat range to one range colder. Denso seems to be a big Japanese OE...I wouldn't run it in my Cadillac. By the same token, I wouldn't try to put a set of AC plugs in my Nissan. I'm a member of a Nissan board for my truck (similar to this board) and it's the same story...people try Bosch plugs and "Iridiums", but always find that the standard NGK plug works the best. I tend to agree, although I've had good luck with the Densos. The reason I switched from NGK? None of the stores stocked the colder NGK plug, so I bought the Denso equivalent.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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