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Well this month has been a busy one for my Caddy..mufflers...intake modification...customed upper and lower chicken wire grill..all done by me :)

exept the mufflers of course...hey if i knew how to weld i would have done it myself ;)

anyway Enjoy!

Mufflers W/ tips

Grill (far view)

Grill (close up)

Grill (side view)

Grill (front view)

I decided to create my own ram air system...ripped out all the plastic that was restricting air...and i mean all the plastic!

that tie is to hold it up right so the air can directly go into the Air box opening

Intake mod

Now i plan on sticking a small flexible tube that will run fromt he front of the car up to this hole as you can see in the bottom pic...note: i used extra chicken wire to keep any crap from coming into the air box

ram air

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I like the looks of that lower grill. Took two looks to realize what you were talking about. As far as the "ram air", I am not positive but I don't think you will realize any "ram" air effect below somthing like 100 MPH, perhaps even higher.

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