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Replaced Turn Signal Switch


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I installed a new GM/AC Delco turn signal switch assembly after running into problems with the Napa aftermarket switch (See below). Unfortunately, I only discovered the defect after the switch was installed. I called PepBoys to verify that I had the right part, which I did. I explained the defect and stated that I would like to return it. Since I was having problems pulling out the wiring from the steering column, I advised the parts person that I might have to cut the wiring to remove the switch. Since the switch was defective, I thought cutting the wiring wouldn’t be a problem. Well, not so fast! I was told the switch must be brought back in one piece so it could be resold. It’s “Company policy.” Hmmm, it’s “Company policy” to resell defective parts...Hellooooo. I was told that sometimes aftermarket parts are not up to exact specifications, as manufacturers “don’t always get all the information.” At any rate, I was able to remove the defective switch without cutting the wiring, and install the AC Delco switch. It works perfectly and was cheaper than the aftermarket part (Cadillac Dealer $45.21). What’s the moral of the story? Be aware of aftermarket parts, and don’t assume GM parts will always be more expensive. From my bad experiences with aftermarket parts, including defective alternators, I would suggest that GM parts should be the first option.



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