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Flexible side panels


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I have been attempting to fix a rattle over bumps ever since I purchased this STS. I replaced all the front end components, sway bar bushings, links, ball joints, etc. The noise disappeared after the temperature dropped below 40 here in Maine. Well, the temp has warmed up and so have I ! LOL The rattle is back! While just waxing "my baby", I noticed the flexible side panels really rattle when tapped on! I am wondering if this is my problem and when cold they contract enough to stop the noise? Has anyone addressed this problem and come up with a way to insulate these panels without making them perhaps crack when cold if secured when hot? I could not find anything in the archives but then again I do have trouble finding stuff in the new archives for some reason. Of course I have trouble with a lot of things as I get older! :) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And Marika, Sorry to hear about your car. Happened to me years ago while driving a Buick Grand National. The baseball bat was not the first thing that came to my mind but that works too.

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You might try "Lubing" the flexable side panel to fender area. Some silicone grease or the like could be worked between the FSP and where it contacts the metal panel, with your finger. Wipe off the excess and see if it gets quieter. I got rid of some loose body panel sounds by "Lubing" the under hood and under trunk stops. Dressed weather strips cuts down on the noise factor too.


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