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Part cleaning


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You can buy a spray on gasket remover. Something like oven cleaner.

Works quite well.

Be careful if you need to scrape any gaskets. The aluminum marks easily.

I have used a sharpened piece of wood to lift some pieces of stuck gasket.


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Don't use metallic brushes or those scrubbies you find on kitchen sponges. I have seen where that scrubbie material can be very abrasive and damage other parts if residue is left in the engine. Mike

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I keep a selection of the plastic putty knives (drywall tools) on hand to use for jobs like gasket cleanup.


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I just spent 30 minutes finding this from our old site!!! LOL....

Here is the link, http://www.caddyinfo.com/howtoscotchbrite.htm MIKE


best recommendation is to take any scotchbrite pads you have and hide them away if you even think of working on or near your engine.

Scotchbrite pads are frequently used to clean surfaces of gasket material prior to assembly. Scotchbrite works good for this and seems absolutely harmless yet it is probably the (un-known)

cause of more unsuccessful repairs to engines than anyone realizes.

Scotchbright pads are a nylon substraight with 40 micron aluminum oxide particles embedded in the nylon. Any dust or debris from the scotchbrite will get in the oil and destroy the bearings. Even using scotchbrite on the same work bench and getting the dust on parts is enough.

The failure mode of the scotchbrite is that the aluminum oxide particles get in the oil and get imbedded in the bearing material. The engine runs fine as typically the oil film in the

bearing is greater/thicker than the particle is. If the engine sees high load/high RPM and/or the oil gets hot the bearing film thickness is reduced and now the particle can come into contact

with the crank surface. It sill rapidly machine the cranksurface until the beraing clearance is too great, the bearing pounds out and fails and the owner/mechanic blames the stupid engine. It was really the stupid scotchbrite......

This is so common a failure that the engine re-manufacturers continually run warnings in their publications about the dangers of scotchbrite. If you use it clean the parts thoroughly before assemble and do not use it on deck surfaces or head surfaces at all where it can fall into the coolant jackets or oil passages and not be noticed.

I have personally witnessed MANY engine failures that were eventually traced to aluminum oxide contamination from scotchbrite. It seems so harmless so it is commonly used yet it

it deadly to an engine.

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I'll stick with plastic scrapers, oven cleaner, brake cleaner, and saftey clean for the external stuff.

How about nail polish remover, this is the first time working with aluminum so pardon my persistant questions.


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I will use various chemicals for cleaning.

Paint thinner works well and leaves a very clean surface. I will often follow that with a strong detergent and water flushing, depending on how oil free the surface needs to be.

Spray brake cleaner is also very good for cleaning oil residue from wiring connections and "gooky" areas.

Spray gasket remover helps loosen the headgasket material for easier removal with a plastic putty knife or scraper.

Do not allow any of the spray's to get on any painted surfaces, including the various beauty covers under the hood. If it happens immediatly flush with lots of water, do not rub the sprayed area with a rag or such, it will just increase paint damage.

Be sure to use plenty of patience to avoid any aluminum damage.


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