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Just bought a 1993 Eldorado my fourth to be exact and after going over it the past few days I find ther are some issues, which I expected as it has 102k on it but looks real nice.

1. Getting periodic ABS and traction disabled messages, am going to start checking connections tomorrow.

2. Also getting steady service ride control. Compressor was unplugged but after plugging in and it does run, still get message.

3. Noticed headliner was loose at back of car, looks like there should be clips or something there to hold in place but not sure. Moonroof gasket was just replaced so I suspect this is the cause of this problem.

4. No fog lamps. Would like to add these in and wondered if anyone knows if wires would be there for this option and if not suggest where to wire to.

5. As a result of the leaking moonroof the rear seat belts are rusted and I would like to replace them, any suggestion on where to retrieve these.

Would like to as well get maint manual for this auto.

Thanks in advance for any help

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(95 etc 137k)

The abs traction control message is possibly related to a front wheel hub assy. I have had that message for a while and after replacing (the 2nd in 3 months) the hub assy this message went away. There is a sensor embeded into this assy and a connector/wiring that could fail. Of course pulling each front wheel and checking the wiring to this sensor is a good first step. Other than that, you might just want to live with the warning until the bearing(s) contained in the assy fails and replacement is really necessary.

As to the sevice ride control, well I had that too for a long time. I ignored it, but eventually it went away. Why it went away .... uhhhhhh.... well after I replaced the transmission shift solenoids ... this message has not returned. Not saying this was the cause, but thats what I did (after repeatable 2nd gear limp home mode episodes). Perhaps I bumped a wire or connector. Maybe something was shorting out. It does not make sense that these trans solenoids would have anything to do with the ride control message, but that is what happened to me.

Good luck.

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If your moonroof is the O.E.M. motorized type and you have water damage inside the car, a new gasket may not be the entire fix. There is a gutter system built into all four edges of the opening that carries water to drain tubes at the four corners of the top which drain out the underside of the car. Theoretically, you shouldn't get water inside the car even if the gasket is missing! Make sure the drain tubes aren't plugged and that the whole sysyem is intact so the problem won't reoccur.


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