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Steering Weirdness

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Last post for the time being - I have to get all the problems on my car fixed once and for all - the warranty goes out in a month! I need to be armed with real info before I go to the dealer so I can present the symptoms in a way that will mostly likely get it diagnosed and fixed correctly.

There are three steering/front suspension symptions.

First, it seems to want to pull the left just a little bit - but not all the time. Seems a little like its binding slightly.

Second, when I'm parking the car, moving slowly or hardly at all, and turn the steering wheel quickly, there is a shuddering - as if the power steering pump belt was loose in an old GM V8. Cadillac recently replaced the pump and a hose - made a little improvement, but the problem is still there. Tires are at 29 psi.

Third, when I turn into a driveway sometimes, and the suspension has to accomodate from going level to going uphill very quickly, and I think its especially noticeable when the wheels are turned rather than going straight ahead, there's a funny noise - not a screech because its not high-pitched enough, but kinda like a low-pitch screech, a grinding kind of thing, coming from the front end at the moment that the suspension realizes its going uphill.

One more weird thing - I don't know if this is related but I'll throw it in in case it is: the car has a vibration that you can feel in the body while stopped, at idle, in gear, forward or reverse, with the service brake on, for instance at a red light. Its more than a little vibration, but not a big one - enough to be bothersome. And, I can feel the vibration in the accelerator pedal, especially when backing up.

Can it be that any of these are related?

Cadillac also just pulled the engine to fix oil leaks, and the bushings on the dogbone engine mounts on top of the engine - you can see that the rubber has been broken in places on each bushing - looks like they got hurt when he was pulling the engine and the tech didn't bother to put new ones in.

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