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need help with codes

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Hey guys.

I need some direction on this and I really don't feel like joining

another forum at the moment.

I just picked up a 1988 Olds Delta88 w/64000 miles from my Mom.

Btw, I mentioned buying this car from my recently deceased Mom in another thread.

Also, See "Kid crashed my car" thread. This car will be his replacement.

Anyway, so heres the deal. Yesterday, I drove it from Chicago to Minneapolis,

439 miles door to door. The engine sounds great, but

I was getting an occasional "SES" light during the trip.

Also, I felt a thump a couple times when the light came on.

I just pulled the codes this morning using the paper clip method. (These old cars are kinda neat).

13 Oxygen sensor Circuit

Check for a sticking or misadjusted throttle position sensor. Check the wiring and connectors from the oxygen sensor. Replace the oxygen sensor.

41 EST circuit

No distributor reference pulses to the ECM at specified engine vacuum

Can you tell me if these two are related?

There was no recommended action for the code 41, not sure what to do?

Also, where is the oxygen sensor and throttle position sensor? Is this easy to check?

thanks much.


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Not sure if they are connected or not. Not sure what "EST" is. Engine Spark Timing? If so, they may be related.

I don't know what engine you have, but the TPS has to be inline with the throttle plate fulcrum. Which would be on the side of the carb or TB.

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EST - Electronic Spark Timing.

I have a 3800 V6 engine. One nice thing, its plenty of room under the hood.

I'm starting with the O2 sensor. I picked up the part this evening. I'll replace it in the

morning. Hopefully, that will make my codes go away.

I'll check the TPS as well. I'll let you know how it goes.



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I replaced the O2 sensor and the code 13 went away, yeh!

I still have a code 41 (EST - Electronic Spark Timing) though.

I let the car just sit and idle for 20 mins or so and this code appeared again.

Can anyone recommend how to approach this one?

Also, is it serious?

I'll contnue to search the internet for solutions, but any help would

be appreciated.


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