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Electrical problem, please help

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I got a 1999 Cadillac Deville "Awesome Car", but its got a problem everytime i set my alarm and later i try to unlock my car my keyless entry ain't workin can't pop the trunk or open the gas door, so i unlock door by key, i put the key in the ignition my alarm goes off and kills the car, when i turn the car off and pull the keys out of the ignition my digital speedometer is on "and its suppose to go off ones ignition is off" and my all interior lights are blinkin. So i have to turn the car on and wait for alarm to go off after palying with the car by turing on and off, later everything comes back to normal but my whole spedomeeter is reseted :angry: except for oil life. What it could be? Tommorow i am gona try not to use my keylees entry and set my alarm, see if its the keyless entry and alarm mode does this

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