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I sell Mary Kay and came upon this little tidbit.

I wish I qualified for a one of the Cadillacs. I have people tell me they wouldn't drive a pink cadillac. I would!

Published 09.19.07

A Change to the Cadillac Pearlized Midcoat

Currently, Mary Kay pink Cadillacs feature a gold pearlized midcoat. However, that midcoat is being phased out by General Motors and will be replaced by a newly formulated silver pearlized midcoat, a very unique color developed exclusively for Mary Kay, that provides an even truer, crisper shade of pink to the distinctive Mary Kay Cadillac line. June Cadillac qualifiers and requalifiers who begin taking delivery of their cars in September will be the first to receive the Cadillac with the newly formulated silver pearlized midcoat.

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