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99 seville no heat, blower motor not working 100%


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I have not really driven my seville much lately, got in it today, tried to turn the heat on to help defrost the window and there was none(yes the car was warm)! as well, the blower motor does not kick into 'high' gear. It turns on but does not blow 100%like it used too, and its blowing cold out the vents... This seems linked, but I checked some fuses, they all seem fine, its hard to see all which fuses might be linked due to the crappy descriptions on the panel....

Any one know where I might start with this? An obvious fuse or relay? The weak blower motor might just be the motor gone, im more concerned with the no warm air, can someone give me an idea where to look for that vent control/acuator/whatever you want to call it.

I plan on driving the car 1200 Km to myrtle beach tomorrow, dont really need heat but i'd im going to check it in the morning just in case.

Mucho appreciated.


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Yes, I am getting no warm air out of the vents with the climate control turned to max temp. I'd like to be able to switch this manually to hot air if I really need it, is it vacuum or electric operated switching for this and is it accessable under the dash anywhere?

And the blower motor is not operating at high speeds when turned on high, but it still pushes air.

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