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Hello, I have a 95 Concours with the Northstar engine, it has 96,000 miles, I have only had the car two months. I have replaced the waterpump and the thermostat and refilled with antifreeze and one tube of Bars. My problem is this engine uses about 1/2 gallon of coolent every 500 miles. The car is parked in a garage and there is only one small drop of coolent on the floor after driving. Should I worry about this or add more Bar's products...how much is to much Bar's.

Thank you

Also: I found this board after I changed the waterpump..without the tool...never never again it took forever without the tool, but no damage was done. So for anyone in the future please rent the tool.

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Did it without the tool eh? Quite an accomplishment :o though I don't think I would try it. You are the second one I have heard of to accomplish that.

I think it is two tubes of bars leak gold that is recommended, but if you are loosing coolant and it is not leaking, it must be being burned and that's not good. :( I'd run a cooling system pressure test and/or cylinder pressure test to be sure.

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