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Hello everyone,

This is a follow up to all the issues I had over the last several weeks.

It started when I Tack welded my tail pipe without disconecting my BATTERY, PCM, EBTCM. I know better but was in a hurry!

O2 Sensor by the mid - cat $65.00 w/tax

Front right wheel sensor / bearing assy - $135.00 w/tax

EBTCM module (used from Ebay) $102.00 shipped

So it's been 4 days of driving with no issues regarding dash lights, surging, sputtering, etc. I think I nailed it! Now it leaves in first gear again and I'm having a problem not wanting to FLOOR it! It such a huge diffrence. Anyway onto coolant flush and some bright white headlight bulbs. I want to thank everyone again for thier help. It saved me hundreds of dollors.

Best to all,


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