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Fuel Rail Recall

Devin O'Conor

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I traded in my 1995 SLS for a 1998 DeVille a while back. The SLS had the newer stainless steel fuel rail replaced due to the recall. The DeVille still has the crappy plastic rail. I just did some looking and as far as I can see, the recall only covered 1995-1997 Northstars. Is this right? Why wouldn't they include newer models that have the same plastic rail that gets brittle over time? Does anyone know if they will eventually extend the recall to cover newer Northstars?


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I can't answer your question. But going on memory, I recall the fuel rail material was changed beginning in '98 (even though it might 'appear' the same as earlier material).

I have seen no reports of fuel rail failure on '98+ models. And I can tell you mine is leak-free after 161,xxx miles and more than 7,600 gallons of fuel.


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