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Just wanted to share some information with this group since it is so helpful and their is not a lot that I can contribute.

Their is a provision in the GMPP that states that you can extend your GM warranty coverage as long as you have at least 90 days or 4000 miles left on your GMPP.

In my case I can no longer purchase the Major Guard on our 1999 SLS 53k but I can get the Value Guard for another 2 years or 20k.

Costs at local Caddy dealer is $3000.

Costs at local buick dealer is $2500.

I think I can get it on line at Alan Black Cadillac for about $2000. No sales tax if out of state.

I will also receive a refund for time and mileage remaining on my Major Guard. Check is sent directly to me from GMPP.

This is a little known provision that the dealers do not push but can be found in the FAQ section of the GMPP.

Al Black of Black Pontiac Cadillac in Edensburg Pa. 1-877-472-9550. is the most helpful and will work with you over the phone. In my case he even called to cancel my Major Guard and had check sent to me.

We have a low mileage 1999 SLS that will be under Major Guard until 10/01/08 At that time (90 days or 4k prior) hope to extend warranty another 2 years At least it will be GM Value Guard. That will take our 1999 SLS out to 20010. 11 years total on the car.

Trust me it has paid for it self. $50.00 deductable only


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Ouch that's steep... In the last two years, I've put about $300 into my car...

Drivers Seat Element $90, Turn Signal switch $120, and steering sensor $80... If your car's a bit of a lemon then by all means buy the policy... But, most of these cars are amazingly reliable..

My total cost to fix my car was only double what I would have paid in deductables! :o


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