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'96 SLS license plate light replacement


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Anybody got any tips on getting these things out? It looks like there's a bracket that the lights mount into, can that be gotten out easier than trying to get the bulb and socket out of the bracket? I'm having no luck. Are you supposed to twist and pull the socket? I can't get a grip to twist the socket...

Arrgghh... I already got pulled over once since the second of the two bulbs blew, so I need to get this fixed.

Thanks in advance,


-Mark P.

Salem, MA

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"Refined Sugar" - '96 SLS, 175K

"...the Caddy is dedicated to relentlessly -- and comfortably -- converting time into distance." -J.J. Gertler

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License Plate Lights

Open the rear compartment lid.

Remove the rear compartment lid trim.

Pull back on the rear compartment trim panel.

Unplug the lamp connector from the rear compartment lid wiring harness.

Press the grommet out of the rear compartment lid.

Remove the nuts retaining the lamp assembly to the rear compartment lid.

Remove the bulb.

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Right, this is a PITA.

After removing the panel inside the trunk lid, snake your hand in there. If you have fat hands and wrists, forgetaboutit.

The light bulb sockets twist and pop out just like headlight sockets, mine took a lot of force to turn loose and since you can just get the tips of your fingers on them it takes a while to get just the right angle, I found putting my arm in upsidedown was easiest. Replace the bulb and fumble around in there some more while you try to put the socket back in the hole, it is almost as hard to turn and snap them back in as it was to take them out.


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