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Express Down control module - 1991 DeVille


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My Drivers window on my 1991 DeVille goes down out of the blue even if I dont touch the switch. That being said where is the location of the Express Down control module. Also, is there a way I can bypass the feature.


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I don't know, but I am also having phamtom window problems. Hopefully, someone will tell you soon.

We thought we had found a loose wire connector on the driver window, but that is not it. We are beginning to think it is in the button control section itself, instead of the wiring.

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WARNING: I have zero experience with '91 DeVilles.

That said, my '98 has the "Express Down" electronics built into the driver's door window switch module. Absent surgery on the (sealed) switch module there is no simple way to bypass that feature.

Cadillac has had a habit of doing the same things the same way over the years, so yours might be similar/same. If no one can offer you help, I'd suggest a trip to the bone yard for a replacement switch module.



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