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Rear Caliper Retract


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I've found an EASY method to retract the rear caliper pistons. I do have the "Cube" and have used it several times. Once, with "Hand Power".....Ratchet/extension, the rest with an impact gun. NONE was as easy as what I stumbled upon.

I started with the right/rear. In order as follows:

Mity-vac out the brake fluid until nice and clear.

Top off the master cylinder and tighten the cap.

Remove caliper, pads, and rotor.

Reinstall the caliper with bolts finger tight.

Mity-vac out some more fluid (about a half of the mity-vac container)WITH the MC cap on tight. This should pull down on the ruber membrane of the MC cap.

Tighten caliper bleeder screw.

Pump the Mity-vac for max vacuum (at least 25 in.HG).

Loosen bleeder screw and twist in the piston with needle nose pliers.

The added "Pull" from the mity-vac, while pushing in with the pliers, allowed me to fully compress the piston in less than ONE turn! Don't forget to have the "V's" at 12 and 6 O'Clock, in relation to the caliper, before you install the pads.


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I realize this is a super old thread, so I apologize, but let me add this...

I tried the Original poster's idea with no results.

The only thing that worked for me was to:

1. open the bleeder

2. Push in HARD while you are turning the piston. Haaaarrdd.

3. When it turns, if you are pushing hard enough, a squirt of brake fluid will come out the bleeder, and the piston will go in some.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the piston is far enough in to get your new pads onto your new rotors.

5. When it's all back together, use your mighty vac to re-bleed as normal.


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