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I had a previous post. I don't have a scan tool to troubleshoot my bouncy ride. My rear shocks seem to stay over pumped up which makes for a very bumpy ride.

without the scan tool, is there a way to troubleshoot the automatic level control?

I think it is the compressor, but there are two parts to the compressor. The filter/dryer & the exhaust selnoid portion which is not servicable, the latter is. I just don't want to spend $300.00 for the compressor and find I got a differnet problem. If I had a leak in the air shocks or lines it seems the compressor would be on all the time. But I don't hear compressor running. Any idea to my problem? Thanks loads Jim

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If your shocks are "over pumped" then it would seem that your compressor is working. Either it is not exhausting or perhaps the leveling switch (over the rear axel) is broken or out of adjustment.

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