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My car never shifts into 1st gear. It never has. It has been like this since I have owned the vehicle. Unfortunately I only recently found this out when a fellow caddy owned drove my car and told me about it.

Now for the rest of the story: The car has always had the Code TC0073 as current. I have tried clearing this but it immediately comes back. The traction control button in the glove box never works, no matter how many times I depress it. I know the switch is good because I can see it toggle when I go into the TCS data on the DIC and observe it there.

I have done some research in the archives and found that sometimes the connection at the EBTCM might be bad and causing this. Well today I took apart the connections at the PCM and EBTCM. They were both clean and free of corrosion or anything else that you might think would obviously cause this. More research in the archives has shown there is a Service bulletin on TC0073 and recommends replacement of the EBTCM.

My questions for all the experts out there are: Has anyone ever had this problem and if so has replacing the EBTCM cured this? Will replacing the EBTCM bring back my 1st gear starts? If I do find a used EBTCM, are they the same from year to year or will I have to find one from a 96 year cadillac?

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Contact your local Cadillac dealer and ask for the part number and he can tell you the years it fits. I think the 95 and 96 EBTCM are the same. Sorry, I could not help more.

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