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ABS Circuit and Digital Dash Question


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The Good: I bought a nice running '95 Sedan Deville in good shape from an old guy with 113k miles for $1,000. The trans was shifting harsh throughout the gears and I think the PO thought the tranny was on its way out. After replacing the front motor mount and trans vacuum modulator hose it now shifts like you'd expect a Cadillac to, smooth!

The Bad: Over past weekend I cleaned front of motor bay, between engine & radiator with degreaser & garden hose. Two day later car would not start, dead battery! I charged up battery and it started fine, took it to Autozone and had battery & alt checked, all checked out ok. Also checked all terminal connections, nice n tight with no corrosion.

The Ugly: I pulled codes and get I032 & T021, related to ABS system. Also noticed the digital dash was coming on intermittantly with car turned off and key out of ignition! I think the dash coming on is what drained the battery. I ended up pulling the ABS maxi fuse which stopped the dash light from coming on when car is turned off and I can now drive around, sans ABS. I don't understand the link between the ABS circuit and the dash going crazy, any suggestions? Also, any suggestions for dealing with the ABS problem, I'm not familiar with this system? I was going to try to disconnect the large wiring harness running out of the ABS module this weekend and see if any water got in there, any suggestions are appreciated!!!


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