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Blower Motor Always Runs


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I have read that if a blower motor is acting funny it should be the Automatic Climate Control or the motor itself. I think that on my 1994 SLS the blower motor control module is part of the blower motor. I just bought this '94 SLS for $400 as a replacement for my Oldsmobile Aurora that my wife trashed. I have nearly rebuilt that car and this seemed very similar. The car blew a heater core a year and a half ago and the previous owner tried his best and installed a new core. After the install, the car wouldn't charge (alternator code) and the blower moter will go on whenever plugged in.

Is the blower motor provided voltage all the time and just told what speed? If not, the climate control module may be bad. At least thats my feeling for it. I think that the heater core made a big mess when it blew and could have shorted it out. I still need to put in an alternator, water pump belt and pulley, and some genaral maintenance so I do have some time to mull over on this one.

BTW, behind the glove is a mess. The vents and actuators are jost hanging in place. Does anyone have any pics as to what it should look like behind the glove?

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I had this problem with my 92 Deville. A bad blower control module was the culprit, fortunatly the module was separate from the motor. You will have to replace the motor since the module is built in on the 94's and up.

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