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Sterling Silver at Dusk

ted tcb

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I don't know that sterling silver is my favourite colour on an STS, but it does emphasize the

fender bulges, creases, and general lines of the STS.

I looked out my window at dusk last night, and thought I'd try to capture the various lights

bouncing off the car. Silver really does emphasize the power of a timeless design.

Also, I personally enjoy seeing pictures of other members' Cadillacs.

To save bandwidth, here is a photobucket link to some thumbnails.


One thing we rarely discuss is the durability of GM's exterior finish materials.

This car has gone through 6 Canadian winters, and the quality of the paint and chrome

is stunning.

I haven't seen too many imports that age as well .... most are hit hard by the long winters of slush, road salt,

and sand.

Please excuse my shaky hands ... I downsized the pics to minimize any blur, but I was shooting without a flash or tripod,

trying to capture the natural evening colours. The paint really has chameloen like qualities, going from beige to bronze to silver.

Here's hoping the pics are of interest to someone.

1989 FWD Fleetwood, Silver

1995 STS Crimson Pearl on Black leather

1997 STS Diamond White

1999 STS Crimson Pearl

2001 STS Silver

2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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