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Hard copy GM service manuals vs DVD version

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I just purchsaed an 05 STS and want to pick up the service manuals set. I see ads for the hard copy three volume manual set on Ebay for around $85 plus shipping. Someone else was offering an "official" GM DVD service manul set for about $50. I have not seen that before and was leaning towards the hard copy version but thought that I would ask to see if any of you have purchased either.

I am only interested in the genuine GM versions, not any third party service manuals.

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Personally, I prefer the printed manual. They are easier to reference without booting up a PC and there is no worry about scratching the media. It's also easier to flip to another section of the book that is referenced by the section you may be reading. I've never found this to be easy with a CD.

Dirty fingers may smudge pages, but I always take off the work gloves before touching the manual....


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