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Error code P0401


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I have a 1996 Deville. I have 2 error codes. P0401- EGR Flow Insufficiant and P0113- IAT Sensor Circut High Input. I replaced the EGR valve and cleared the codes but after about 40 miles the message to check emissions system came back on along with Check Engine light with codes P0401 & P0113 again. I drove the car on another short trip about 35 miles the check engine light is still on but it took a few miles for the Check emissions Message to show up. Does anyone know what I can try next? The EGR valve was expensive and I hate to buy more parts guessing.



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Do you have an FSM (Factory Servcie Manual) or access to one?

If you don't, you will want to seriously consider getting one especially if you plan to keep the car for a while.


Along with the trouble code descriptions are detailed troubleshooting and repair procedures.

I'm looking at those DTC codes in my FSM, but they're for a 2003 STS.

Good Luck.

2003 Seville STS 43k miles with the Bose Sound, Navigation System, HID Headlamps, and MagneRide

1993 DeVille. Looks great inside and out! 298k miles!

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You probably replaced the EGR for nothing. All that was needed is to pull it and clean the pintle valve. Check the IAT sensor. Make sure the plug is connected and clean. It should be in the air filter housing on the '96 if I remember correctly. If it is OK, maybe the sensor has failed.

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