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Went under my caddy today after seeing anti freeze dripping under it and seen the water pump was peeing. Went stright to my local auto zone got a good usa pump and a pump tool to pull out. Pulled it apart and back again in a flash only problem im seeing I must have air lock somewhere put my 50/50 mix and shes running past the half mark on my dash gauge. Before the new pump this car with the air off never went past the half mark now its close to 3 quaters what gives??? I did takeoff the purge line and it was full of air I let it piss untill it was a steady flow does anyone think theres more air in the system??? what do you guys think how hot should this thing run??? or am I just a worry wart and should just let the system work its way good or mybe I should check it tomorrow morning and see if she needs more 50/50 mybe she needs a little more. Dont know any help welcome

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sounds like you have some air in there. Try and burp the system by leaving the radiator cap off and running it for awhile...revving the engine every so often. Had to do that with my '92 and it solved the problem.

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Yeah, just rev it a few times to 3000 or 4000 RPM and that should purge any air in the system. As long as you got coolant flow out of the purge line it is clear.

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