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i am going to install a new fuel filter on my 98 deville it has never had a new one yet with 100,000 miles so i figure it should be replaced

i would like to know if gas will begin shooting out when i remove the old one as long as the key is off and how do you release the clamps that hold it on also


can someone give me those web sites and contact info for those caddy dealers that sell parts like brasington and 1 in chicago

G/M says the parts i need are on back order so i need to find out if someone else carries them



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Look for the schreader valve on the fuel rail. Remove the cap and place a rag over it while pressing on the valve. Just like letting air out of a tire. You should get maybe an oz. of gas out of it. The other method is to pull the fuel pump fuse and crank the engine.

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