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:( I am having a few issues with the rear leveling system. I recently replaced the shocks and struts with passive Monroes.

I was cleaning the trunk and found a fuse laying on the floor. when I checked the panel I discovered that it was for the compressor/leveling system. When I plugged it in. after my first ride I noticed that it was very high and rode like a brick. I unplugged the fuse and it slowly deflated (over the course of 2 days). It now sits level, but if I put anything in the truck, or anyone in the back seat it bottoms out over every pebble in the road?!

Can any of you tell me where the sensor is on a 92and how to adjust it/ or if it is even possible.

Thank you all in advance for your replies.


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It's on the back of the car. Near the bottom part of the suspension. It looks like a black box with a metal rod sticking out of it. It could be out of adjustment or in need of replacement. You can't tell for sure unless you play with the adjustment and see if there is any change.

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