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I have heard that after leaving a car sit for a long period of time, before starting it, you should remove the coil wire (wire in the middle of the distributor) and turn the motor over a couple of times to let the oil pump coat the cylinder walls, crank, cam, etc. and build up oil pressure before starting it. Will this help? Will oil slowly seep out of the cylinders and thus cause engine parts to rub metal to metal, be that a minimal amount of time? Thanks


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Jack, I am not sure if the archives are searchable going back but bbobyski once wrote a terrific procedure for storing your car. You may find it by doing a search but maybe bbobyski will chime in here.

I do remember however that he said to change the oil and NOT run the vehicle (warm up) while it was in storage as the impurities that warming up the engine in the oil are NOT sufficiently burned off.

I just did a search and was unable to go back far enough, the topic I am referring to was posted on the old board.

If I were you I would support the chassis to take most of the weight off the suspension and tires. Mike

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