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Fireplug hits the show!!!

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Fireplug hit a Cadillac Show last Saturday.. perfect day, and a lotta nice cars.


A few selected shots... these won't live up to the level of quality that Marika regularly achieves, but I did my best.

Sadly, my camera died, otherwise I would have had more. I'm having a helluva time getting a battery to work in this thing.... which seems strange, electricity is my thing.

Anyway, enjoy.










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Those came out nice!! What's the problem with the camera battery?

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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Thanks for your kind words.

I figured out the battery.

The stock one from Sony worked for years, but now has a real short life span, so it's shot, which is fine.

I've bought a couple of new ones... and both acted like they were going to work, worked for a day, and then poof, nothing.

I tore the new ones apart. There's 2 lithium ion batteries in there, and a tiny printed circuit board that I expect is a voltage regulating type of system. Having tested that, it looks like the new batteries themselves are fine, but the voltage regulating board burns out super quick, a couple uses, and then passes no voltage. Sad that they needed to use a 2 cent part, instead of a 25 cent part.... don't get me started on that...

So, I could probably build one good battery out of what I have... namely the original Sony voltage regulator, and 2 of the new cells from the new batteries. Which I will probably do.

However, the plan was sort of to buy a new digital camera, and give this one to my Mom, so, if I do that, I'd have to get the battery case back together looking fairly decent, and make sure it works, otherwise I'm going to hear about it endlessly.

Problem is, the cutting apart of the battery cases was fairly destructive.. they're obviously not designed to come apart. My curiosity got the better of me.

Of course, I could also break down and buy another geniune Sony battery... for big bucks. I tried to cheap out with off brand ones... and you see what that got me.

Camera is a Sony DSC-S85, I think. 5 megapixel. I have my eye on a ten megapixel.

Photobucket makes the pictures smaller, so if anyone is interested in the full resolution original, I can email it to you....

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