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Hi everyone

I'm currently getting the SRC messade in my DIC, and I cheched the codes today and received SO61 and SO62. Today I'm going to diagnose the problem by first checking the wires going in to the struts and the related sensors and then doing the electrical diagnosis which the service manual suggests. Is there anything that anyone can suggest me to solve the problem faster? Has anybody had this problem before and solved it?My ride quality is very bad right now due to the all firm position of the struts. I did search the archives for this and the information was not very helpful. My car is a 94sts with 90,000 miles.I think the struts last much longerthan that. I appreciate all the responses.

Thanks in advance.

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S061 = Right front position sensor fault.

S062 = Left Rear position sensor fault.

These have nothing to do with the struts. If one of the four position sensors fail, the suspension defaults to the "firm" position.

Check the wiring to the position sensors. It will likely be the sensor itself, as it is a common failure item.

They are very expensive to purchase. About 15 minutes to replace.

I developed a "cheat" circuit to replace the sensor. Cost about $ 5.00.

See this thread for details.



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You might try cleaning your battery posts and cables, especially the two positive ones. A voltage spike here will turn on some weird displays. After cleaning, reset all your notices and see if the ride control messages come back.

If your battery is more than 4 years old, consider replacing it too.


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As unorthodox as Jim from Phoenix's response MIGHT sound, try it. But just try and disconnect the battery first. I've seen some weird things, in my day. It costs nothing to try it. If the car has been serviced recently, they could have set false codes. Been there, done that! I must add that Jim from Phoenix is NOT out of line! It just sounds like he has experienced things beyond the ordinary, as have I. I have had big arguements with Guru (our resident god), about things that, in theory do not exist, but still do, in the world of repair. I would like to hear from Phoenix Jim, it sounds like we have "floated the same boat" per se!

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