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Rear Rises?


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The current steed seems to mimic 'Baby' (my old '95 Eldorado).

The right-front tire needs a refill every 10 days or so. Soooo . . . . , I went to the tire shop today and had it looked at.

Well, the tire shop guy and I didn't speak a common language. Imagine that!

He pointed at the rear of my Eldorado and asked, "Rear rises?' (I think . . . .)

I guessed he was talkin' about the ELC, so I answered, "Yes." Coulda been wrong about that though . . . .

The other language handicapped folk in the shop seemed equally concerned. They opened my trunk, apparently looking for "something" that would allow them to shut the "rear riser" OFF. Don't worry, nothing was removed from the trunk..

Okay, it doesn't happen that often, but it got me thinking: is there some reason I need to be careful about jacking up a car that has ELC?



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