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Pulling the 98 airbag


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My mechanic has just put a new 4.9 motor in my 92 Eldorado. I asked him to replace the faulty stop light switch on the column in my 98 Eldorado and he said it requires a special tool after the bag comes off that he does not have. He is checking with the dealership if a special tool is needed. He mentioned something about a clock-spring arrangement????

My 2 bottom back stoplights only light when the right turn signal is activated. The top center stop light always works.

Anybody in forum with advise as to what he believes he may need? Thanks in advance.

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The tool needed is a lock plate removal tool. Actually it is quite a simple tool and once he sees it he could easily fabricate one. If I ever need one again, I will make one. I once removed the steering wheel without one but a third had would have come in handy and it took much too long. That said, I am not sure your problem lies in the column.

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