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'96 DeVille Blower motor question


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My blower motor at times run fine, and at times does not run at all.

I have checked voltage at the plug at the motor and heres what I found; red wire, always hot 13.50 volts, black wire ground, and gray wire voltage varies by the fan speed switch between 13.50 and 6.80 volts. I think this would indicate a bad blower motor, but at $235.00 I would appreciate any advice before buying. :unsure:

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Most likely it is a bad motor. They have been redesigned. I have had to replace one on my '97 but it had completely stopped. That said if my memory is correct, you have the voltage wrong. Fan speed is controled by varying voltage but I think it is something like .4 - 1.0 volts or something like that.

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Do yourself a favour and check the terminals in the connector for excessive play. They are notorious for getting loose, and simply not making contact with their counterparts on the blower motor.

GM does have a new plug assembly sepcifically for this problem, $30.00 plug, versus a $235.00 motor,

Good luck,


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