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Does anybody have any feedback on the sound quality of the Factory Bose system. My 2001 STS that I bought used last December has the 400w with 6 cd changer in the console. CD's seem to be clear as I would expect, but the FM radio sound is quite poor for such a highly rated system! The highs are just not there, and my reception is fine. It's kind of muffled. The highs only start to come out when you play the radio quite loud. I know most home stereo speakers have this problem when they are rated for such high wattage capabilities. They only sound good when played at the upper end of their rated wattage. When listening to my bose at low volumes, the sound quality is poor. Is this the way all of the bose systems are engineered? When I adjust my treble to the max, there isn't much improvement in the highs! I had a Deville loaner when my car was in the shop, and it had the non bose radio and it sounded much better when playing at the lower end of the power band. But of course, it didn't have the power to play at louder volumes. Just want a opinion before taking the STS in to the dealer to have them check it out.

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In my opinion, the Bose system on the new Cadillacs is the best you will find on any car. The system is precisely tuned for accoustics of the car. No aftermarket system will come close. I have listened to a lot of car stereos over the years, and the Bose system is the best.

A little background info on the Bose system:


That being said, the Bose system seems to be optimized for delivering distortion-free classical music. Some people seem to actually prefer distortion and complain about the Bose system's inability to hammer out the boom boom bass and overmodulated high frequency sounds that go along with the rap music sound.

For your particular problem, I'm not sure. I never noticed any attenuation of high frequencies at low volumes. It makes me think that something may be wrong with your system. Im guessing that you are aware that your systems has different DSP accoustical profiles for CD and Radio and that each radio preset has its own profile as well. If you had the wrong DSP profile selected (such as spacious) that might do it. Just a guess.

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