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Heater control?? no air from vents


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Hey guys,

I was reading on the old board, someone posted a message about thier 1994 STS not blowing heat from the dash vents. Another individual with a 94 Eldorado also reported the same thing. My car is also the same, I have heat everywhere else, but I cant get hot air to come out from the dash vents. If i turn the temperature all the way down, it will start blowing out of hte dash vents, anything above 16C and it starts comming out the floor. Are all 1994 STS's Eldos the same? Or is something broken on my car, I coudln't really get anything from the previous post on the old board. I doubt its a vaccum line since vents open at 16degrees. Maybe I have to push a button twice? Any input is greatly appreaciated. thanks

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I believe that is normal. When the system requires heat it comes from the floor vents. to keep your feet warm. A/C comes from the dash vents. You might get some mix as it switches between the two.

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