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N* plug change


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Today, with the help of Poobah, I received a set of OEM spark plugs.

Remembering the old saying 'There's no time like the present', I decided to fit them this morning.

First of all I set the gaps, I used my micrometer to set the feeler gauge to .050"/1.27mm, you might think I was being a bit too precise but you haven't seen my gauges, the numbers have worn off.

I started out on the front bank and was finished in no time, the old plugs came out easily. I cleaned the cassette, rubber boots and top of the engine with dry paper towels before reassembly.

Now for the rear bank, Oh my gosh, what a right pain it was. First obstacle was the AIR valve, I had to lie on top of the engine to see down the back to undo the fixings.

OK, got that off now to remove the coil cassette. you guys don't know how easy you've got it. My STS is RHD and smack on top of the cassette is the master cylinder. There was just enough room to twist and slide the cassette out. But even worse is the fact that one of the plugs is right under it too. That plug on #1 was a real swine but I managed to do it.

With the cassette off the car I noticed was that plugs #1,3 and 5 had rust stains on them. Also the HT contacts on the cassette were rusty along with the very tops of the springs in the rubber boots.

I used a dremil with a brass brush and cleaned the rust away. I cleaned all the parts before refitting them with dry paper towels.

I didn't start the car because I had another job to do that needed a cold motor.

After doing the other job I took the car for a test drive. Strange it may sound but I swear the motor is quieter than before.

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On my 98' I have to remove the coil pack to "easily" get at the rear plugs, pain in the butt. At least you don't have to deal with intermittant plug wire problems :)

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