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New shooes for an old horse

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I recently purchased a rather well kept 1968 DeVille Convertible described as "all original except..." One of the exceptions was wire wheels in place of stock. Not that I need an original car, the wire wheels on the beast are not to my liking.

A friend of a friend has a set of nicely polished "chrome spokes" from a late model Escalade (245/60R17 tires) that I can get for nothin' (plus the ideas of a:shorter sidewalls and b:"real Cadillac" rims, but kinda custom is a hoot).

I will obviously need some adapters to handle lug count, lug spacing and backspace issues.... There are a couple websites advertizing custome built adapters that look like they have promise. And, I am tempted, but ...

Has anyone done anything like this to a late sixties/early seventies land yacht?


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Congratulations on the Yacht!

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Write to member Cardio-Doc.

He has specialized in Caddy wheels, etc and I would guess he could help or at least point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

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