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Cobalt SS put in its place


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Well yesterday was a busy day for the Cadillac (and the night before) one of my college buddies was back in town....and didn't have a car so we decided it was best for me to drive him around.

Anyway the true test was the next day when I had to ferry around my brother and 4 of his friends. (that adds up to 6 people). Went downtown to the arena once, and back, and then the same trip again at game time (first was to pickup tickets and voucher for a Pizza, just me and my brother).

Well the one kid had a nice new Cobalt SS (not sure if it was the Supercharged version or not but I know the Supercharges can get low 6 second times) and he was talking about how great it was and how much he liked it, they typical new car bragging thing.

Well on the way to pre-game pizza dinner we took both vehicles, the 98' Caddy with myself and 3 of my brothers friends, the cobalt SS coupe with the owner and my brother.

Typical teenage stuff, we get to a light right next to each other, I rev my engine a bit, he does the same, my brother and him both yell "you're going down!" or something similar.

We both can see the lights turning yellow on the other traffic light, all red, I think the left turn lane is going to put its light on so I get a bad start.

I start to pull up to his front wheel as the car shifts to second gear. I progressively pull past and then once I hit 60...65... its over and the caddy just leaves it for dead.

When we get to the pizza place my passengers are scared and look white as ghosts with surprise at how fast this thing can actually go, and the other guy is very quiet and says "you blew my doors off when you hit third or something...that must have a 6..." I quickly correct him and tell him "its an 8 and I have over 1000lbs on ya" (4 passengers, 2 biggest in the front seats, little guys in the back....actually may have helped keep the front weighted down :) but really over 1000lbs some stuff in the trunk too)

It was fun and the roads were quiet, and this section was a nice long straightway. I don't do this kind of thing often but it was flowing with the moment and I couldn't stand that guys mouth always acting like hes the best yadda yadda yadda.

After they pizza we all went back to my house to drop some stuff off and my brother forgot the tickets, we decided to take 1 car down and since I wasn't going to the game this time no worry about parking... all 6 seats filled. Biggest guys on the 4 outer seats, 2 little guys in the middle, and I must say it felt like I was in a small car but wasn't "stuffy"...put 6 of my college lineman/wrestling friends in there and the doors would bust open :) On the way back I got on the 33 and enjoyed a nice quite ride listening to the game on the radio before relaxing on my couch to watch it to the end, they took the subway home.

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