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I've been researching wood dash kits for the new steed (new to me, that is). My primary interest is the center console.

Of the ten or so websites I've visited, each displays the exact same template for the dash, door and console pieces. Even the typsetting and nomenclature are the same on those diagrams. Coincidence? I expect not. It appears they are all using the same cutting template.

Each site brags about its laser precision cutting techniques. Prices, however, vary between $150 and $300+. So what's the difference?

I can only guess it is the material the pieces are fashioned from, if indeed there *is* a difference. Such wide price spreads, absent an explanation, are unreasonable in this, the age of the www.

Presumably, they all use the same cutting template and similar/same machinery. That leaves the material as the only variable.

Not a substantial mention of that material on their websites.

I'm looking for the best possible solution and I'm willing to pay a premium for it.

Suggestions are appreciated. More importantly, I'd really like to hear from folk with experience in this "upgrade."



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Me too. I've found the same and I've changed my opinion a bit. My Eldo is black on black and the more I look at where all of the wood goes the more I don't think it would look all that good. The wood in a lighter interior looks better than it would in a black interior IMO so...

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