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Changing the fuel fill tube(s)

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1. Loosen the right rear lugs.

2. Jack car up until the tire is at least 6 inches off the ground and remove the tire.

(otherwise you may not get under the left muffler.)

*** If NOT replacing the rubber hoses from the fuel fill tubes to the tank:

3. Loosen the clamps on the 1 1/4" hose and the 3/4" hose at the end of the tube, not the tank.

*** If replacing the hoses:

4. Cut them both.

5. Open the fuel door.

6. Remove the three 9/32 sheet metal nuts to the fuel fill tube.

*** optional steps to make tube removal easier.

7. Remove 11/16 nut holding the fuel door release, and push the release into it's mounting hole.

8. Remove the four phillips head screws from the plastic fuel fill tube holder to the car fender.

9. Remove three inner fender 9/32 hex head screws and three phillips screws to get inner plastic fender well panel out of the way.

10. Jocky the fill tube in a counter clock-wise direction to pull the tube from its location.

11.Go back and remove the hose pieces still on the plastic tank atachment nozzles.(if you cut the hoses)

NOTE: I found it easier to cut the rubber hoses from the tube to the tank because I could not pull them off the tank together, and because the fill tube on my car was so badly corroded the rubber hoses would not come off the fill tube, even after I got it on the bench.

NOTE: the 1 1/4" replacement hose just would not go over the plastic tank hose mount nozzle.

Even placing the end of the new hose in a pan of boiling water to soften the end didn't work (this usually works). I had to go back to the store and

buy 1 1/2" hose and the job went trouble free from that point on.

I was able to use a replacement 3/4" vent hose, but you may want to avoid the trouble and go with a 7/8" vent hose. Or you could use a plastic step-down or hose reduction piece in the plumbing section of a hardware store. Cost, about $3.00 for a 1/12" - 1 1/4" and for a 7/8" - 3/4".

NOTE: place some masking tape over the ends of the new fill tube to prevent dirt from entering them duting installation. The space you have to twist this tube into is kind of tight.

Installation is the reverse of removal except where noted abore.

Cost of new fuel fill tube from local Cadillac dealer $254.00 (plus tax)

Cost on "gmotors.com" $179.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Shop around.

NOTE: check your fuel fill tube and if it isn't really bad, you may be able to slide fuel hose over the bad areas and paint a rust stop product on the lightly rusted areas.

Total time (not counting running back to the store) 2 1/2 hours.


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