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coolant leak


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greetings, when i start my car i am seeing a leak on the driver side i can not tell where it is coming from, where it is dripping on the ground appears to be by the thermostat. but the thermostat and the hoses are not leaking. thanks in advance

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You need to be a little more specific; most of the places that can leak/drip are on the driver's side of the engine on your model.

How much coolant are you losing? Is the reservoir cap tight?


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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just something to keep in mind, i had an "unfindable" leak on my 99 deville, to make a long story short (see my previous posts on coolant overheat problem) it turned out to be one of 2, 3" green silicone hoses about the size of heater hose, but lime green in color. they are behind the engine on the driver's side, just below the head/valve cover. you have to lean over and look directly down between the firewall and the driver's side rear of the engine. each will have 2 small radiator type clamps on each end. they are almost impossible to get at!, just something for you to check.


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