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Eldorado convertible?


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Every once in a while I'll come across an eldo that has been converted into a convertible. Now I'm not crazy enough to actually have my roof hacked off, but I'm incredibly curious about these cars. Anybody here own one? Any idea who does the coachwork on it?

I'd love to ride in one and see what it's like. I'd imagine it's a great convertible due to it's size and stance. It looks aerodynamic, and the windshield seems sloped enough to prevent heavy wind-shear over the cabin. I'm real curious about the rigidity and overall structural stability of the car. There must be some re-enforcements needed to prevent flex in the body/uniframe. And I'm sure they never really "seal up" for driving in the cold weather or heavy rain. Top up driving must be noisy at best.

If anybody here has hands on experience with these cars, I'd love to hear about it!


Just one example I found: (Not sure if i love the color/wheel/tire combo, but it's a nice car!)


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For basically the same price (+/- 10K or so) I'd rather just have an XLR and know it all fits together....

I'd say the beauty of the Cadillac is that if you're not willing to pay the 70K sticker new, just wait a year or two and 20K miles later when it's off lease, and it can be had for $25k or less with a full warranty... (sad!)

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Quality varies on those things.....

I have seen a couple, in all honesty, that could have been factory.... they were beautifully done... I've seen some others, I wouldn't give you $20 and a pack of cigarettes for them...

There is some increased windshield & front cowl shaking, as in many convertibles...

The 2 nice ones that I saw were at a car show, and the owners seemed to be expecting a heavy heavy premium for the convertible, even in a used car with miles....

Boston, I tend to agree (maybe not with the percentage of the discount, but with the concept of saving a lot of money on a pretty fresh used car), except XLR's around here are still bringing $50k... maybe it's different in other places.

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There's nothing like seeing a home-made sunroof complete with plexiglass and RTV'd duct-tape on a mid-80s accord, in a bad attempt to make "t-tops."

But, I'd guess that if it was done right, the car would be good. After some heavy thought, I think I'd either splurge on the XLR, or go find a nicely maintained Allante if I really felt the need for a modern-era Cadi convertible.

Once in a rare while I'll see a mid to late 70s era Eldorado convertible driving around here. It looks so beautiful, and like such a comfortable car. A bit on the large side, but still looks great, and the style is not very "aged." I guess that's what makes it a classic!

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