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95 Deville 47 k don't drive very much last time out service ride control came on. Seemed to come on when I change steering wheel height. Would the speed sensitive steering do this? car drives the same had since new. Any help on the bypass looked up the relay and shops had the replacements but listed them for different fix's with diff. codes any help would be appreciated.


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I039 refers to "Loss of Road Sensing Suspension Data." It would seem odd to loose suspension data simply by adjusting the steering wheel. Did anyone service the brakes lately and possibly disconnected something. Otherwise, when was the last time you check the battery cables for acid corrosion? Recently, I was getting the I052 trouble code (Keep Alive Memory Error) which as causing my 'Range' and average MPGs to reset. It turned out to be battery corrosion under the red plastic cover of the positive battery connection.

I would try two things to start: 1) move the steering column while the engine is in park and engine running to see if the I039 code goes away or reoccurs; and 2) check the battery connections, especially under the red plastic cover on the positive side for corrosion. If there's corrosion clean it thoroughly. Some use baking soda and water. I used penetrating oil and a heavy duty cleaner. Disconnect the negative battery cable first then the positive. When you reconnect the battery, connect the positive side first. To my knowledge, this is the correct way to disconnect a battery.

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