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Swapped the power antenna

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Well don't remember if I told you guys are not but awhile back someone keyed my car and then cracked off the power antenna (it was going down stayed up all the time).

Well finally had some free time so my father and I drove to the "hupcap Man" downtown and got center cap for the caddy that went missing this winter also. Well on the way back decided to stop in at the scrap yard. They had a beautiful 1996 Deville that was unfortunatley scraped for an electronic issue that never got tracked down and thus the car would die randomly and such.

Well anyway we got the antenna from it for 50 bucks (much better than the dealers 120 bucks and then another amount on that to install, something near 200 I was quoted).

Upon inspecting the way my antenna was put in there I relized that some guy had done this before. Not only was the made in mexico sticker on there but it was mounted with bent metal and bolts. Anyway once I got it out the one from the 96 bolted right but the ground wire is a bit snug. Just another fine example of how do-it-yourself saves you cash (plus the insurance company gave us money for it and since we found it cheaper that will buy some gas or nice wax or something for the differance.)

its nice to hear all the radio stations again.

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You might want to search the archives on this...

GM power antenna units are basically all the same back to the early 80's and they are completely rebuild-able. Inside the motor is a piece of nylon "cord" that attaches to the inner most mast segment... the nylon is somewhat brittle and it will wear out and break after a while... Cold winters are brutal on them as the nylon gets really stiff and brittle when its cold... If the unit lasts for 5 years you either don't listen to the radio much or you are really lucky

The good news is that GM sells the top mast bit and the nylon connected bit for $12! They are easy to rebuild... 5 rivets to drill out and replace with small bolts that you can get at Home Depot for 50¢

On some cars (G bodies & F bodies are the worst... I know first hand) where the unit is in the front fender, the hardest part is getting the unit out... On most Caddies and high end GM Cars (Rivs and Toros) its in the trunk and easy to get to...

The motors almost never wear out... I have rebuilt at least 6 of these.

Long story short, save your old power unit, when the current one goes rebuild the original for $12.

The part number for the mast and nylon bit is 22038195... Still available at your friendly GM dealer... Ask for the friends and family discount!


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