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Hybrid Auto

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This is admittedly off topic, but an interesting story.

Many have asked about ways to improve their cars performance, at least one VW owner has hit upon a unique way to do this.

I have taken the original contents, with lots of images and created a PDF file. I have placed it in my web storage for any who might be interested in this creative way to get power.

Select the link below and go to the bottom of my list to "Hybrid Auto". Enjoy.

Hybrid Auto

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wonder how it would look in yellow :lol:

my wife's car:

IPB Image

That's freakin' awesome! At first I thought "photoshop", but as I read on a realized it was for real. I wish I had this much free time on my hands....

-dave B)

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I cannot imagine being able to concentrate on operating a car while sitting within 3 feet of a screaming turbine intake!!

Fun project car, though.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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