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Fireplug Takes the Ho-Chunk!!!



Hey, what's up???

Well, Fireplug (Celebrity Dalmation Puppy Dog) and I took the Escalade to the Ho Chunk Casino Yesterday. The HO-Chunk is in an area called the Wisconsin Dells, which is like around 50 miles north of Madison. Indian Gaming Casino type of place.

In the pre-dawn hours we left, seeking adventure, Poker, and whatever else a small dog craves.... Even in the dark, you can see that wax job... 2 coats of the NXT 2.0 stuff. Not easy to wipe off, but nice results. And let me say, man, is this a big truck. Waxing this thing will wear you out! The little ETC was nothing... and a simcon top took away a lot too. This thing is all metal... whew!

Heading 'em out in the Escalade, Fireplug assumes the "Captain Kirk" spot....

Sun finally coming up, somewhere around Madison....

Stopped for gas. Not sure if you can see my Average mpg there on the DIC, but it was like 20.1 or 20.2. Not bad. If you keep it below 75, it can be real good. In the 75 to 80 range, it's more like 16.9 or so... Drops quickly. Also, this truck responds VERY well to a little drafting... But don't do that. That's how small doggies get hurt. Gas is really really cheap compared to insurance deductibles and hospital co-pays... Take my word.

Hey, we made it!! Wow, when you get here this early, you can really get an awesome parking spot. Look at that, right by the door. Sweet.

Played a little Video Poker, made $50. Sweet, that's gonna pay for the Poker Tourney we're here to play. But with hours to go before the tourney, I sat down in a $1-$2 No Limit Hold Em cash game to kill a little time, and made another $50. Nice. So now, the Tourney was a total freeroll.... Even if I busted out stupidly in the first ten minutes, I was going home with $50. That put me in a great mood, I must say...

Played pretty well. 50 people, I got knocked out at the final table in 8th place, just short of the money. So, not great, but not bad....

Fireplug says "Dude, I'm gambled out. Let's go home." Fair enough. It's evening now, killed the whole day....

Great day though. Good use of a vacation day.

Escalade ran great. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I miss the ETC sometimes... But the Escalade is really nice. Maybe someday Cadillac will wake up and make a personal luxury coupe again, but it looks like it's gonna be awhile.... So until then, I'll sit tight, and enjoy this sweet truck.... My only slight regret is, this truck is so darn nice, it's seems like a shame to load my gear in it and use it for work.... It kind of pains me for it not to be so minty and waxed constantly, like the ETC was. Daily Driver use takes it's toll, I'm afraid.

Anyway, until next time...

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