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Annual Trip To Florida



Small Dog Days in the Sun...
Hey, greetings!!

I never really posted this officially, but it will soon become apparent that I now have an Escalade..

Well, my annual Escape From Reality trip to Florida... Here we go!!!

Here we go, heading out from Pewaukee... Already dark out. Traffic was super light at night... almost nonexistent..

A little gas stop in Champaign Illinois... Heh heh, actually, there aren't very many "little" gas stops in an Escalade...

Dawn in Tennessee... Nice day. These mountains are very scenic. Definitely get a second wind when the sun comes up...

Another gas stop in Georgia... Getting closer.... closer...Heh heh heh!!

Well, A small Doggie crosses into Florida, at long last!!! I thought this was the Sunshine State!!?!?! Raining pretty hard here, this picture is pretty worthless...

After pizza and beers and a few laughs, and a nice 10 hour nap, Fireplug, The Celebrity Puppy, awakes in the Florida Sunshine.....

Nice picture. One of the few I ever took that might live up to Marika's standards...

Ahhhhh... how sweet it is!

Okay, let's have the trip report, from the Cadillac Driver's Information Center:

Miles: 1443.0
88.4 Gallons
Mileage 16.3 (It's better than that at 75... A lot of this drive was in the 80-83 range though, and that will take you down quickly from mid 17's to the low 16's...)
69 Average Miles per hour (not bad for such a long trip.)

Trip overall was sweet. Almost hit a deer in the dark south of Champaign, but aside from that, there was no drama. I give the Escalade high marks for a long trip. It was born to cruise the freeway, has great sight lines, predictable handling, and it's intimidating front end WILL get people to move out of the left lane when they see you coming....

Gas Prices: Oddly enough, again the "Gas Price" Title will not go to Wisconsin, for the second year in a row... All prices are for premium unleaded...

Pewaukee $2.03
Champaign IL $1.89
Paducah KY $1.71 (no, I'm not kidding... Kentucky also had Marlboros for $24 a carton)
Oak Grove KY $1.81
Dalton GA $1.84
Tifton GA $1.94
Bradenton FL $2.15 (Your winner for the Highest Gas Prices!!! Sad.)

Alright Kids, stay tuned for more Adventures of Fireplug!!


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